• Complete safety instruction
  • How to read the ocean, tides, weather and their relationship to surfing
  • Identify different types of surfboards on the market
  • Identify parts of the surfboard and their usage
  • What shapers shape into a surfboard for different riding techniques
  • Ground school: in depth study of basics of body positioning on the surfboard, how to paddle, stand and turn
  • Wave identity and which waves to catch
  • Water techniques on how to actually use the board in the surf: launching from shore, paddling through the breakers, positioning and preparing to catch a wave
  • Identifying different types of waves and the best positioning to catch the wave
  • How and when to begin paddling for the wave and when to stand
  • How to trim and turn
  • Surfing etiquette


What makes Big Kahuna Surf School Unique:

The uniqueness in my teaching style is found in my authentic Hawaiian heritage, and teaching lineage, together with my cumulative years of surfing, teaching and competition experience. Our instructors are expert surfers, Certified instructors, Professional Ocean Rescue Certified and watermen. Most importantly, however, is our professionalism tempered with our joy of teaching by seeing the smiles on our students faces and experience their exhilaration as they surf the waves.

For your safety and to maximize your surfing experience. Use a professional.

(Find out why you should use ONLY NSSIA Accredited surf schools and NSSIA Certified surfing instructors
for your surf lessons or surf camps)

Da Big Kahuna’s Promise:

I will provide you with all the basic knowledge and techniques necessary to begin enjoying the sport of surfing.


Kali is the most knowledgeable and patient instructor I have ever known
– Julie, Aventura

I was riding the waves the first day. His teaching style makes it easy for a first-timer to understand the principals and apply them right-away.
– Mike, Coconut Creek

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